Website Photo. Dave Brown Dave and Gaytha Brown

Position: Associate Pastors & Outreach Pastors

Email: firstag@livingston.net

Phone: 936-327-4468


David and Gaytha Brown have been married for 33 years and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. We have been members of Livingston First Assembly of God since 1991 and serve as Associate Pastors under the leadership and vision of Senior Pastors Chris and Tina Borden. Duties include directing Missions efforts, Pulpit Ministry when called upon and Outreach events such as Hallelujah Harvest.

We have served in various positions including Sunday school Superintendent, Teacher, Youth Pastors, Drama Presentations, Nursery Coordinator and Board Member.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve and are excited to see what God has in store for First Assembly. “The Best Is Yet To Come!”



Website Photo. Ismael Hidalgo Ismael & Nelly Hidalgo

Position: Hispanic Ministry Pastors @Leggett  Campus

Email: ministeriohispano2011@live.com

Phone: 936-327-4468


Livingston Primera Asamblea was realized in November 2004 through the desire and efforts of our pastors Chris and Tina Borden. We have the privilege of working with the Hispanic congregation alongside dedicated laborers for God’s glory and have served in this church since 2003. We have 3 sons; Nathanael, Noah and Nicolás and have been married 18 years. We look forward to continue to serve, grow, and be a part of God’s work in His church.


Livingston Primera Asamblea se realizó en noviembre del 2004 por el deseo y esfuerzos de nuestros pastores Chris y Tina Borden. Tenemos el privilegio de trabajar con la congregación hispana junto a colaboradores dedicados a la obra y hemos servido en esta iglesia desde el 2003. Tenemos 3 hijos edades 22, 16 y 15. Tenemos 18 años de casados. Esperamos continuar a servir, crecer y ser parte de la obra de Dios en Su iglesia.




Website Photo. Lauren Hodge James and Lauren Hodge

Position: Student Ministries Pastor

Email: jameshodge1989@gmail.com

Phone: 936-433-5776


At young age, James and Lauren Hodge felt a call toward ministry. Not fully knowing where this would lead them they trusted God and worked with several ministries within the church. In May 2012 they were married and continued to work with youth. In early 2015, God placed them in the position of youth pastors of Unleashed Student Ministries. Both being products of this ministry, it was a perfect fit. They have a passion for seeing teenagers grow in their faith and relationship with God and eventually growing into spiritually grounded young adults. James and Lauren look forward to seeing what God has in store for this ministry and for them personally. They are also expecting a baby girl to arrive September 2016.


Website Photo. Raymond Alston Raymond & Patsy Alston

Position: Children’s Pastors

Email:  prkk_4@hotmail.com

Phone: 936-327-4468


Raymond and Patsy Alston are our Children’s Pastors for our KOPs (Kids Of Purpose) program. Most of the children call him “Pastor RayRay”. Raymond and Patsy have been working in our Kids Ministries for 20 years. Together with their team, it is their desire to see all of the kids of this entire area have a life changing experience with the Lord Jesus Christ, to find they have a God giving purpose in life, and help them fulfill that purpose. In today’s changing society, they feel that more than ever kids need to not only learn about God, but to experience Him as well.

They have two beautiful daughters, Karis and Kaitlyn, who help are wonderful assets to the ministry. Both girls are pursuing ministry as well.



Website Photo. Vicki Shelly Vicki Shelly

Position: Worship Leader

Email: firstag@livingston.net

Phone: 936-327-4468


Vicki Shelly serves as our Worship Leader and has been faithful to her calling for nearly 10 years. She and her husband of 26 years, David Shelly, have two wonderful adult children: Kelsee Meeker and Caleb Shelly. Their family continues to grow. Prior to becoming the worship leader she served on the worship team as a back-up keyboard/piano player and assisted with Wednesday evening services. She is currently a full time employee for the San Jacinto County Elections Department.

Her purpose is not to sing a pretty song or put together a music set that simply moves the emotions. Her purpose is to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit and through the tools of music to help encourage an atmosphere that makes the King of Kings and Lord of Lords know that He is enthroned on the praises of his people! We want to honor God in such a way that His power and might are evident in the lives of the believers who know that a moment in His presence is life changing! Praise and Worship never changes anyone or anything. But, the one to whom we offer our praise and adoration to in worship changes everything. Where the spirit of the Lord is there IS freedom. May we, His people, know that freedom by allowing the Lord’s spirit to reign in us!!