We believe Sunday School continues to offer an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth through Bible study. For children birth to age 18 we offer Bible studies that teach and encourage a young person’s learning and understanding of God’s word as well as making God’s word relevant and practical to the life issues.

Little Lambs Nursery

In our nursery you will find ladies that are dedicated to serving, in our opinion, the most precious of God’s flock. We strive to teach these young ones by word and example how to love one another in Christ. Our nursery is available for all services and special functions and ministers to children ages birth to 23 months.


Missionettes is for girls 5 years of age to high school. The Missionette programs goal is to win them to Christ and to give them Bible-based guidelines for Christian living. We acquaint them with both home and foreign missions. We challenge them to develop their talents and potential for a happy useful life and  help them develop Christian relationships and consideration for others.

Watch the Calendar and Bulletin for meeting dates and times.

Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers is for Boys 5 to 6th grade.

K.O.P.’s (Kid’s of Purpose) 

Hello and welcome to an inside view of KO.P.S. our children’s ministry. It’s a place where kids can come and learn about the goodness of God in a way that is totally unique and geared toward…well…KIDS! We are an aggressive outreach ministry working closely with the Bus Ministry to reach children from all walks of life. We also have a program in place to train children who are ready and want to learn “how” to minister. Some of our ministry opportunities include dance, song, hospitality, helps, and puppets. We have a special outreach service once a month, and Sidewalk Sunday School, where we take church to where the kids are. We minister to children from 3 to 10 years old. And look forward to seeing you there.